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Give Administrators the option to resend a donation receipt.

Event Coordinators often get requests to have emailed donation receipts resent. After locating the donation in the constituent's record, you have to open and view the receipt, save it onto the computer, create an email to the constituent, and attach the saved pdf of the receipt. It would be more efficient, and have a more professional appearance, if Administrators were able to tell the system to resend the receipt to the original email address with the click of a button.

  • Leona Dimock
  • Mar 10 2016
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Area of the Product Donations
Org/Company Name MS Society of Canada
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  • Patti Posey commented
    3 Sep, 2019 03:03pm

    This is a needed feature.  You should also be able to resend registration changes (ie switch from walker to runner, added to team, moved from team, etc.) .Can't you make the process easier. In Sphere all you had to do was open the registration or donation and click a button to automatically resend a receipt.  


    Patti Posey

    Stamford Hospital Foundaito

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2019 04:44pm

    This will be wonderful for our donors and easier/faster for users ... very much how we want software to work for us.


    Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2019 04:30pm

    Awesome! thank you! This helps tremendously

    Geri Shaffer, Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation

  • John Miller commented
    30 Aug, 2019 04:15pm

    Thanks so much everyone! I'll keep this idea updated as we work through the feature. (I may call on one or all of you for some assistance again!)

  • Kyla Wiebe commented
    30 Aug, 2019 03:51pm

    I agree! I have worked with other on-line giving platforms and this has always been an option. Definitely more efficient.

  • Kyla Wiebe commented
    30 Aug, 2019 03:50pm

    I agree! I have worked with other on-line donation platforms and this has always been an option. It saves time and looks professional.

  • Tiffany Harder commented
    30 Aug, 2019 03:43pm

    Hi John,


    Currently, the regenerate feature, as people have mentioned creates a new tax receipt number.

    What we need is a resend instead of regenerate that sends a duplicate of the tax receipt.


    The reasons we need this are:

    1. If we regenerate instead of duplicate the tax receipts numbers are now out of sequence in our CRM, such as RE, if Luminatre is not acting as the current CRM.  This means we have to void and correct the tax receipt number in RE and this process cannot be done until all the tax receipt numbers ahead of it have been processed into RE from LO or it confuses the receipt stacks in RE.

    2. In most cases, the donor has simply deleted or misplaced their tax receipt and a duplicate is all they are looking for.  In Canada, we are required to have special information on a receipt if we are "replacing" a tax receipt number as opposed to only needing it to say duplicate if we are simply sending a copy of it.   Typically a new tax receipt number is only required if the amount or donor name is changing.

    3. We are not able to offer our best customer service to our donors because if you have a high volume of online donations like we do - during a peak event there can be over 800 donations in RELO on a given day, we cannot do the reprint from RE until we have processed the donations that need it.  If we could do it from LO both Data and the events team, for instance, could do it literally at the click of a button.  


    Thanks for collecting more info from us!  Cannot wait for this feature to be realized!!


  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2019 03:26pm

    Ditto Matt, Peter, Nicolas... Not a new receipt, the original receipt.

    We have had people run into issues at work when they submit paperwork for matching gifts and the new receipt number doesn't match completed paperwork.  Small and fixable issue on their end with new paperwork, but much easier to just avoid all together.


  • Cynthia Isaac commented
    30 Aug, 2019 03:24pm

    Thanks for looking into this, John. Blackbaud set up our system so that our receipts are sent along with autoresponders. All we would need is a button that allows us to resend the email.

    In our case, we were told by Blackbaud that the Receipt Manager (which is what you are referencing) is not enabled on our site because "it required quite a bit of set up and configuration." But even within that system, being able to resend the original receipt would be important.

  • Nicolas Laplante commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:54pm

    Exactly, we need to be able to resend the original receipt. A regenerated receipt has a new resceipt number which makes it different than the previous one according to CRA.

  • Peter Pugliese commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:48pm

    Yes, what Matt said. We want to be able to resend the original receipt

  • Matt Tinker commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:32pm

    Hi John


    My understanding of this one was that we were looking for a way to resend the receipt without downloading the existing receipt or regenerating. Currently it looks like you only have the option to resend directly from Luminate when you are Generating or Regenerating. If someone needs to have their receipt resent, we don't always want to void and create a new receipt.



  • John Miller commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:26pm

    All - If you're continuing to monitor this request, the product team at Blackbaud would like some assistance. The functionality to regenerate or resend a receipt exists in Luminate Online for pdf receipts:


    If this isn't the functionality that will help you get these receipts to donors, please update this idea and I'll work with you to ensure that go forward work with Luminate receipts takes this into account.

    -John Miller

    Product Manager, Luminate Online

  • William Moudry commented
    11 Dec, 2018 04:20pm

    Ken, what is the status of this? It seems pretty popular, but has been sitting unaddressed for over 2 years. What will it take to get this on the roadmap?


  • Guest commented
    26 Oct, 2018 08:19pm

    Has a different option been created for this? 

  • ian knauer commented
    7 Sep, 2016 11:34pm

    Just a heads up for anyone looking at the solution provided by Ken, the request is going to void out the current receipt and send a new one. In Canada we have to keep track of every single receipt number so doing this is probably not a good idea.

  • Shenifa Ladhani commented
    29 Jun, 2016 07:14pm

    Totally agree with you. It can be such a pain at times.

  • Ken Cantu commented
    15 Mar, 2016 02:13pm

    Hi Leona, I agree, we need to do this better/easier.

    In the meantime you should check out Receipt Request tool which you can add to a content area. It's intended for users to be able to send themselves receipts so not exactly the same thing but you can have your admins use it for this purpose. It might make things easier on your event managers. Here is the link in the help docs:


    Thanks for the feedback,


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