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Improve the Event Module to handle multiple guest ticket purchases.

 I need to have a form that can have a purchaser buy more than one ticket, but then for each ticket purchased have a guest name associated with that ticket. This is critical for functions that have check in lists AND to connect to the event module in RE so we can use the RE Event App. We are moving to Luminate and will continue to do our event registrations in NetCommunity until this is resolved or until our contract is up. If not updated by then, we will have to use another third party service. 

  • Karen Cincotti
  • Dec 29 2015
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Area of the Product Content
Org/Company Name Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
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  • Susan Agro commented
    16 Mar, 2018 06:19pm

    We need the ability for a registrant to add Guests to their registration in Luminate Online.  We migrated from BBNC to LO about 7 months ago and this is a feature that is completely lacking in LO. I am surprised there has not been any progress made in this area of LO.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2016 08:59pm

    Karen, I am in the exact same situation as you described.

    We are having to continue to use BBNC for ticketed events for that exact same reason. It is borderline unacceptable that this feature is not available in Luminate. As user Matt Lindsay commented, they offer the ability to pay for a customization, but quite honestly this feature needs to be included without an additional charge.

    I see this particular function as a critical element to an event registration form and we are debating dropping Luminate entirely because it lacks such a basic functionality. 

    If this functionality doesn't come around until Luminate Next Gen then i doubt we will still be customers with convio/blackbaud.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2016 04:00am

    While I totally agree this should be standard functionality George Washington University worked with Blackbaud to develop a customization that allows for guest name capture and the transfer of that data to our core database (Ellucian Advance, not RE).

    Anyone should feel free to connect with me directly, I can provide you some details. I think if you have those and work through support/CSM - and want to pay for some development time - you could make this happen.

    Matt Lindsay

  • Karen Cincotti commented
    5 Jan, 2016 07:20pm

    Ken - We have an event in October that would be awesome to use an updated event form on. Keep me updated or let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Karen

  • Ken Cantu commented
    5 Jan, 2016 05:59pm

    Thanks, I've started collecting requirements for Luminate Next Gen events so this is perfect timing. Thank you!


  • Karen Cincotti commented
    5 Jan, 2016 03:15pm

    Specifically with more detail ---


    The “calendar event” ticketing function in LO is inferior to what we’re used to using in BBNC and Sphere. Some upgrades would get this feature up to the level of parity we need to switch over completely to LO:

    • Allow purchasers to buy more than one ticket *and associate a guest name with each ticket*
    • Connect the attendee names to the RE Event Module so that we can use the existing RE iPad app to check people in at the event.


    This feature is critical for ticketed events that have check in lists. The level of professionalism the iPad app gives to our day-of-event check-ins and ticket sales is something we do not want to go backwards on. Although we are moving to Luminate, we will need to continue to do registration for ticketed fundraising events in NetCommunity until this is resolved. If not updated by the time our contract is up, we will have to explore using a third party service. 

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