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Progress Meter Rollback Option in TeamRaiser

When setting up a personal page on a DIY TeamRaiser site the participant maintaining the page sets their goal, which is reflected on a progress meter. When the event this page was created for ends and the participant has completed their fundraising parts of the page can be edited to accommodate a new event. For example, John is a distance runner and he signs up for a 5K in April, with the intention of raising money for an organization and uses the DIY page they can provide through TeamRaiser. John raises $1,000 for an organization leading up to this April 5K. Being an avid runner, John signs up for a 10K in August. 


Herein lies the problem, if John wants to set another $1,000 fundraising goal, he can edit his existing page to contain a new description for the upcoming event, but there is no way to hide or roll back the funds already raised. He doesn't want to set a a goal of $2,000 and have it appear that he is already halfway there (as the funds from the previous appear would then suggest). John wants to set a new goal starting from $0 for this new event and potentially solicit the same people who donated to him for the prior event.


There are currently only 3 ways to resolve this lack of functionality regarding the gifts associated with a particular progress bar. 

1. Create a dummy participant and manually move the gifts from John's record to the dummy, effectively taking his fundraising away from his personal page, while still maintaining a record of the gifts. This is time consuming and takes up space with unnecessary fake records.

2. Create a new page for John by asking him to supply a new email address, thereby creating a completely new participant record for him in the process. This is inconvenient for John and the TeamRaiser admin, and again, adds an unnecessary record to the database.

3. Create a copy of the entire DIY site, which would reset ALL pages, and allow a participant to login with their original email, but with a new page. This is problematic as well, if an ongoing event exists in the first iteration of the DIY TeamRaiser, to create a new DIY site would mean sharing different links with different parties depending on the event they were interested in supporting. It could also lead to further iterations of the DIY site as more people express interest in having a personal fundraising page.


My idea to resolve this would be implementing a feature that would effectively replace the progress meter on a certain personal fundraising page on an individual basis, without affecting the gifts that are associated with that participant's record. So, lifetime fundraising could be viewed in the back end, but the front-facing progress meter could be rolled back as needed when an individual wants to stage/enter multiple events in a short time span. Having an option to set a hard date against which the progress meter would include gifts would be one way to design this, in other words, all gifts prior to "date X" should not display in the progress meter. That way, the participant could dictate to the TeamRaiser admin when they have completed fundraising for an event and would like to begin a new event. The admin would simply take the date of the most recent gift and could set the date of the progress meter to begin after that date.


Thank you for your time.

  • Jeff Seidl
  • Sep 25 2017
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Area of the Product TeamRaiser
Org/Company Name For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation
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