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Allow a responsive design for Event Regisrations

According to Blackbaud - 19.8% of event registrations happen from mobile devices.  Yet, one of their main products, Luminate, does not allow responsive design for event registrations. 

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  • Jun 11 2015
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  • Gwendolyn Chambers commented
    7 Feb 02:59pm

    The requests for this in the community go back to 2016! I see 'Planned' marked here. Any updates? If this does happen, please offer a kit for the wrapper.

  • Meghan Christiansen commented
    13 Apr, 2023 05:16pm

    This is definitely a big missing piece in LO as well as making it completely bilingual. French is only available in some areas.

  • Guest commented
    26 Oct, 2020 04:19pm

    Hi, Are there any updates on what the planned updates are for calendar events and when they will be released? Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2018 11:07pm

    Yes, please make the event registration/ticket purchase page mobile-friendly! Other Luminate pages and forms are already responsive -- this one should be no different.

  • Loic Van Gaver commented
    14 Nov, 2018 04:52pm

    @Ken Cantu 9 month after your last post do you have an ETA on when the events will be responsive ?

  • Kerry Meyers commented
    14 Feb, 2017 04:41pm

    Hi Ken,


    I echo what you and others have mentioned already:


    1) Campaign segmentation by geolocation radius

    2) View directions on a map

    3) Responsive design

    4) Single pool of tickets able to be sold at varying prices (students, adults, seniors)

    5) Get rid of the "splash screen" for free and paid events

    6) One-click to register for a free event

    7) Add to calendar (Outlook, iCal, etc)

    8) Share on social media


    I’d like to add these requests in order of priority:


    1) When we ask the attendee to record their name and the names of their guests, please make sure the number of tickets requested equals the number of guest names that have been entered. (Since this isn’t validated now, we suffer from attendee overages.)


    2) Make it easier to update our event wrapper design, body font, line-height, margin, and padding CSS (Right now, even our BB web developers find it difficult to modify the event forms to match our www site design.)

    3) Make the email opt in box optional and editable: "Yes, I would like to receive periodic updates and communications." (Sometimes we plan to make a suppression list of all event attendees, because our regular email communications have no relevance to them, and other times we need everyone to be opted in to receive future event instructions by email.)

    4) Please make these items optional and editable because they often are unnecessary:

    * "Please specify the number of guests, including yourself, that will attend:" (The grammar is currently incorrect.)
    * "Please answer the following additional questions to help us prepare for the event."

    * "Reset" and "Cancel" buttons

    * “Current Calendar” link which goes to a list of all Convio-created events

    * Numbering of the questions in the Event Preferences box


    5) On the thank you page and the thank you email, for the summary of checked options, please add carriage returns between each option.  


    Thank you,

    Kerry Meyers

    The Carter Center

  • Ken Cantu commented
    13 Feb, 2017 05:28pm

    Hi Gurukarm, the plan is to build this ability in next gen however we need key underlying pieces in place before we can build the event specific features. These are features like content creation, forms, segmentation, email, constituent record, and payments all of which are projects we're currently working on and are being built keeping the requirements you have listed above in mind. Once those are in place, responsive events should be a much quicker turn-around plus it can add some additional added features without much more effort because of the way we've built it from the ground up.

    For example, we are building segmentation for next gen right now with the ability to filter constituents off geolocation radius from a location point so you can easily find constituents within a reasonable travelable distance to your event and more directly target them with a campaign. This is something that isn't directly related to Events as it exists today but is part of our overall strategy to make event creation a better and easier experience for you going forward.  By building this geolocation infrastructure for segmentation it also builds the integration with a mapping tool so to Pam Fendrock's request above, we will be able to easily and quickly add that map feature to events when we are ready.

    So we are making progress toward this goal every day this year (2017) though it might not be visible progress however the end result is that when we show it on a quarterly roadmap call as slated for a future quarter deliverable we will be able to create it much faster for you and we'll be able to respond to your additional feature requests much faster once that foundation is in place.



  • Grace Rose Khalsa commented
    7 Feb, 2017 05:37pm

    At this date, a year and a half on from the original idea submission, is there any update or movement on this request? CJP would also REALLY like a mobile option, particularly for our Young Adult events.

    Thank you!

  • Geoff Geoff commented
    25 Feb, 2016 11:57pm

    Event ticketing should be more flexible and allow for a single pool of tickets to be sold at varying prices. For example, a field trip limited to 12 people could offer regular tickets for price A and student tickets for price B, and the total inventory of 12 would be reduced as either ticket type is sold until the event is full with a mix of A and B ticket purchasers.

  • Guest commented
    15 Dec, 2015 07:52pm

    First and foremost, get rid of the "splash screen" experience for ticketed events. Also, allow promo codes to persist indefinitely in the browser (not just a limited time session cookie).

  • Guest commented
    17 Jun, 2015 02:38pm

    Very happy to hear that BB is working on this!

  • Pam Fendrock commented
    12 Jun, 2015 02:55pm

    Ken, automatic connection to a map or mapping tool, prepopulated with the address/venue of the event would be great. Maybe a pipe dream, but would be great.


    "Dare to do the right thing and trust the consequences to infinite wisdom." -- James G. Blaine

  • Ken Cantu commented
    11 Jun, 2015 09:00pm

    Hi, we completely agree and I'm currently gathering feedback on what the next generation of events needs to include and we see responsive as definitely a default feature. We're also looking into one-click responses, add to calendar functions and social integration. 

    What other features do you feel need to be standard to have a great mobile event experience?

    Thanks for your input!


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