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Convert S tags in email message links before storing their value in the redirector table

Currently, if you add an S tag inside a hyperlink href attribute inside an email campaign message, the links will be recorded verbatim in the Redirector table and the included S tags will be stored in the redirector link, and won't be parsed/calculated until after a recipient clicks on the redirector link, which at that point the S tag may or may not be relevant anymore. For example, if you place [[S1:cons_id]] inside a URL for a link, the Redirector tool will store the URL as-is with the S tag in the Redirector table. Later, when someone opens the delivered email message and click on the redirector link, they will be taken to the redirector servlet, and the S tag will be parsed at that time. The [[S1:cons_id]] tag may be unknown if you are not auto-logged in, or it may take you to the wrong page if the message is forwarded and opened by someone else that is logged in to a different record. This causes important features, like S80 session variable tags, S9 date tags, S1 constituent data tags, and other important dynamic data to be unsupported inside trackable email links. We have to choose between tracking a link and providing dynamic data in our links - currently we cannot have both. This is especially important if you are working within the confines of the Distributed Email Content tool that restricts using content type tags more than once in a single message (S80 tags would be great for this, but we can't get tracking and use an S80 tag in the URL). Another example is if you wanted dynamic dates in the URL for Google Analytics campaign tracking, and rather than enter the date every time or you can't rely on the email editor to add the date to the custom email code, you would prefer to use the S9 tag. Unfortunately, if you try to put the S9 tag in an email message link, the date will be recorded in your GA campaign as the date that the link was clicked by a message recipient rather than when the email was sent - thus useless.

It really seems like this is a process/timing issue. Simply parse all S/E/T/L tags before storing anything into the Redirector table and this will no longer be a problem. I can't imagine an instance when you would want S tags to be parsed only after a recipient clicks on a redirector link, so parsing S tags before storing URLs to the redirector table would seem to be the expected behavior by all.

  • Eric Oyler
  • Jun 22 2016
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Area of the Product Email
Org/Company Name Alzheimer's Association
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