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The ability to automatically suppress disengaged contacts from receiving email

Given "Gmail-gate" that started in December of 2016 and its suppression of emails from delivery to inboxes and other email service providers doing the same due to disengaged email recipients receiving email from that client's domain, it would a good product functionality to automatically suppress disengaged email addresses at 6 months from introduction to the platform from getting emails sent from Luminate Online (similar to how Hard Bounces are automatically suppressed after 2 hard bounces) to 1) help increase email inbox placement across the entire platform and 2) help protect our email server reputation from sending to pristine spam traps, other spam traps and help us maintain our sender reputation at the IP Address level and further protect our Blackbaud Luminate Online servers from less that stellar email acquisition strategies pursued by clients. 


Further, it would also be a good functionality to have an override setting for the client to send reengagement emails or last chance emails to notify the disengaged contact that they are not getting emails because they are suppressed and the only options for those emails are inserting links in them as a "Yes, I still want to continue receiving emails" whereby if that link is clicked it takes that person out of the disengaged audience and back to the main audience and a "No, please take me off of your list" where that link will globally opt that person out from receiving further emails.  No other links would be available in that email message.

This functionality would prove to not only improve email sender reputation, but it would help clients swallow the difficult pill that they are currently reluctant to swallow because they think the next email sent will make the difference in a donation or action alert taken by a disengaged record, who, by all reality, will not reengage with this client via email once it has become disengaged.

Can we please incorporate this feature into the email part of the Luminate Online product?

  • Will Hull
  • May 10 2018
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Will Hull commented
    31 May, 2018 07:55pm

    Correct.  But the problem is, many clients don't want to swallow the difficult pill of suppressing disengaged contacts from their list and thus keep sending to non-openers, non-engaged contact records and in the process damage both the IP reputation and sender domain reputation to inhibit delivery to the inbox.  It would be a nice feature to automate the setup and implementation of suppressing disengaged records to help our clients swallow that difficult pill to swallow that will both increase deliverability as well as maintain a pristine reputation for our IP addresses for those clients that potentially pick up spam traps in their email lists.

  • Guest commented
    31 May, 2018 05:38pm

    We manage this via Engagement Factors.

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